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WELCOME on the website of
Szczecin Underground Routes
Gallery of Thematic Exhibition

Described in English more than 60 exhibitions for adults and children. One admission ticket allows for individual tours of three different routes, with light, sound, films, and unique exhibits. Entrance at platform 1.

Opening hours, for non- guiding routes exploration:

4 Days a week for not organised in groups
of 10 people

Our exhibitions are
described and narrated in English and German.
We lend scripts with translations
of exhibition descriptions in many other languages. We are open on June 8th

One ticket 3 Routes:

"II Wold World"
+ "Cold War"
+ "Communism Time"
(Selfie with the History)

Taking pictures for personal use is allowed, filming is not accepted.

Entry price self-guided tour, no reservetion required:

40 zł/person. normal,
32 zł/person. reduced
for children and young people
up to 18 years of age
37 zł/person. students
(up to 26 years of age)


Kolumba 2,
Szczecin 70-035 Polska
Main Railway Station Szczecin Główny station,
platform 1; entrance through a glass shelter with stairs down.
ATMs and toilets in the station lobby. We suggest preparing cash, preferably in euros, as there may be issues with connecting to card terminals


+48 605 433 433
or Write email in English

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina
how to park at szczecin central train station
How to visit the Underground Routes of Szczecin?
It's simple, take a look at the photos and head towards platform 1 through the train station.
There, in the glass pavilion, you will go downstairs by stairs and buy tickets.
Toilets and ATMs are located in the station hall.
The street in front of the train station is closed
road reconstruction is underway - try to park on Columbus Street right by the Odra River.
Also, try from the other side of the station at Zawisza Czarny Square.
Entrance to the main station and to the underground Routes
of the tourist attractions from the Owocowa Street side.

Please note: Schools, tourist and business groups are welcome 7 days a week

after prior reservation by e-mail info@schron.szczecin.pl

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina
Podziemne Trasy Szczecina
Podziemne Trasy Szczecina
How are we working

Opening hours

Group tours of at least 10 people are possible 7 days a week with a prior email reservation (from Wednesday to Sunday, also by phone).

For individuals not organized in groups, visits are available from Thursday to Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00 (last tickets sold at 17:00) without a guide, self-guided, and do not require a reservation.

The average temperature inside the facility is 15 degrees Celsius both in summer and winter.

The three interconnected routes require over an hour for the tour, so the last tickets are always sold one hour before closing time.

Write email in English



Tickets for all three exhibitions:


40 zł/person. normal
32 zł/person. reduced for children and young people up to 18 years of age
37 zł/person. students (up to 26 years of age)

Familly tickets

2+1, 1+2 -96 PLN
additional child 32 PLN


10% discount for holders of the Szczecin Tourist Card (discount from a normal ticket price)

Groups of more than 15 people are asked to contact us prior to arrival. Visits are possible at any time. Offer for groups on the „Groups” subpage.

What you will find with us

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

Over 60 exhibitions

the experience starts already in the former passenger tunnel

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

Take the family

on a time travel

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

Fiat 126p

and realism of the times of the People’s Republic of Poland

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

Bottom tunnel

wagon and voices of displaced people going to Szczecin

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

On the sightseeing route

unique photos – forced laborers and sound background

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

Among the exhibitions of Vova Tsesler’s graphics

is the Belarusian Banksy – wanted by the regimes of Putin and Lukashenko

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

On the Cold War route

tactical room – propaganda programs from the radio station and a film

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

Civil Defense Secretariat

always alert and ready

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

Original equipment

from the period of the Cold War – the US-USSR nuclear conflict

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

Selfie tour with PRL

it’s time to relax and play with gadgets from the communist period

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

Apartment reconstruction

shipyard worker Rysiek Koniecpolski, who will talk about the advantages of living in the People’s Republic of Poland

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

Sadist dentist

and the festival in Jarocin, which was the foundation of the Polish subculture

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

Entrance on platform 1

photos from the tour are the best souvenir

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

Take a photo with the atmosphere

in one of the largest civilian shelters in Poland and Europe

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina

A selfie with a thrill

that everyone will envy you

Podziemne Trasy Szczecina
A scene from the movie The Great Escape to the North, a place on the sightseeing route


“The Great Escape to the North”

Watch the movie for free. Visit the place where it was filmed.

Our motto

“It’s more than a museum, it’s like a time machine”