Dear tourists! 

 We are temporary closed. 

Stay strong, stay healthy. 

See you soon in Szczecin Underground Routes


What time the tour starts:

Tours run all year round * at 12:00  Route World War II and 13:30 WWII with torch additionally  Saturdays and Sundays. 

Attention! The number of tickets is limited, if tickets are run for the selected hour, we offer next tour / see schedule.

For whom:

for individuals  without a reservation.
Booking for more than 10 Persons is requiered.  For groups at least 10 Persons we offer our tours out of our regular timetable.

Only at 12:00 and 13:30 :
For the individuals we offer our tours at 12:00 and 13:00 upon our tour timetable. 
If you would like to have private organised guiding tour, organised just for less then 10 Persons, you will have to pay for a group of 10 Persons (normal tickets, minimum entry/starting charge). So it will cost 224 zł. If you want to have tour in english (or others languages, you will have to pay extra 120-140zł (depend of hour when you would like to have a tour). Please contact . In July and August we offer more tours for individualls.

We draw your attention to the fact that all our exhibitions are described in English on the boards and we borrow foreign languages scripts.

Duration of the guiding tour:

each tour duration is 45 '

Tickets Price :

28 zł/Pers, 24 zł reduced Pers. ,price hole package includes entrance and guide commentary, audio frame or scripts in many languages. All our 10 thematical exhibition have the english description.

What you will see:  

On both of our routes you see a total of about 100 information panels, 40 mannequins, 50 thematic exhibitions, 500 exhibits and the longless tunnels and the complex of the rooms. New! UV/3D Mural.

Guiding foreign language: 

is not included in the price. Beside it all year round at the ticket office you can get booklets/ scripts in many foreign languages.

The ticket price includes a 45' guided tour in Polish and a sound presentation at each exhibition (for foreigners we do not guarantee a version of the tour in a foreign language). Visiting in a foreign language without booking is available in the case of: free guides, or in the audio version on bilingual soundtracks (with quantitatively predominant groups of foreignersvisiting at 12:00). 

We offer free scripts to read in English, German, Danish, Swedish, Italian,  Spanish, Russian and French.

Group of 10 people or more:

A group of 10 persons or more is welcome to visit at any time . You're only required to contact us before coming.

Where to bay tickets?

Address: Entrance to the Szczecin's Underground Routes on the platform 1,in the back of the railway station building, down the stairs to the old passanger tunell, Be there  15' before the start of the tour at the address:   Kolumba 2, 70-035 Szczecin.

All other informations you can find on our web site

*Closed only on public holidays always listed on our website. We reserve the right to make changes in the schedule of tours nad prices.

The temperature  during the tour is +14