Last Minute Offer Underground Tour For 7.12, 8.12

Last Minute Offer! For 7.12, 8.12

The following week we are additionally open for unorganised visitors in groups:

Wednesday: 11:00 a.m. guided tours  with ENG-scripts, 12:00 -16:00 independent tours , 

Thursday: 12:00 - 16:00 independent tours 

Weekend as usual.

 During the autumn, winter period , we are open to NON-ORGANIZED  in groups  persons (less then 15 Persons)   :
Friday 12 - 4pm, Saturday 11:00 - 5 p.m., Sunday 12:00 - 4 p.m.
If you are interested in visiting on other days please call us, perhaps there is a group you can join +48 605 433 433.

Please note that we sell the last tickets one hour before closing / on average we need one hour to visit the three tours.   
School, tourist and business groups minimum 15 people. please contact us to arrange the visiting any time you wish. 

 Please prepare cash, we have problems with connections in the underground.

Now the warmest underground Szczecin Underground Routes
Two attractive tunnel levels to explore
how to get to Szczecin Underground Routes
More than 60 exhibitions over an hour's tour


From spring 2021 we will change the rules for access to the exhibition gallery of the underground routes in Szczecin. 

Where can you buy the tickets:

At the moment you can only buy tickets at the ticket office of the thematic exhibition gallery „Szczecin Underground Routes”. Our office „Tourist Center MAGNOLIA” has also been relocated there.

Entrance through the glass protection on platform I of the Szczecin main train station. (Szczeczin Główny)

From spring 2021 until further, the ticket price includes individual tours on three thematic exhibition routes:

The route of the exhibitions with the title „Second World War" + The route of the exhibitions with the title „Cold War" including „Selfie with PRL - communism time".

A clear route marking leads you to each of the next exhibitions. With many of them, you will hear a background tone that will introduce you to the subject. In addition, each of the exhibitions is described in three languages ​​(Polish, English, German). There are attendants at the facility who will show you the direction of the tour in case of doubt.

Foreign languages ​​for individuals:

Each exhibition is described in three languages ​​(Polish, English, German).

In addition, scripts in many other foreign languages ​​can be borrowed from the cash register.

For an additional fee, you can also order a guide for closed groups upon prior reservation. The price of the tour depends on the language you want (from PLN 120 per group).

Card payment for the tickets:

There are two cash registers in the underground tunnel, the main one and an additional one. The one closer to the platform exit is equipped with a terminal. Both cash registers are not always open. We also have problems with the internet reach in the underground. Then only the payment remains in cash. We therefore recommend that you have cash ready. 

What time the exhibition routes are accessible:

The viewing dates are announced on this website .

In addition to the public tours, we always offer private tours for tourist groups, schools, etc. with a guide. Please contact us.

For whom:

For people who are not organized in a group during the opening times of our gallery.

For groups of 15 people or more, a telephone reservation or an e-mail reservation confirmed by us is required prior to arrival.

Only during opening hours?

If you do not like a visit during normal opening times, we can also offer tours at any other time. The price for these tours is determined individually. We can explain the details to you by phone or e-mail.

What to see:

Our exhibitions include a total of 200 information boards, 40 mannequins, 50 thematic exhibitions, temporary art exhibitions, 500 exhibits, UV murals and other murals, long tunnels, as well as a complex of dozen of rooms from the Cold War (from the times of the People's Republic of Poland). Funny walls and art installations that are perfect for selfie photos. On the Selfie Tour with History (part of the Cold War exhibit) you'll see:

- the largest pepper fish pie tin in Szczecin

- the biggest patty in Szczecin

- You take a selfie with a famous teddy bear and much more ...

How long:

The viewing time for all exhibitions is individual, but not longer than 1.5 hours.

Entrance fee for people who are not organized in a group (i.e. less than 15 people):

Tickets for all three exhibitions:

38 PLN / normal

35 PLN / students (up to 26 years of age), ritered

30 PLN / reduced for children and young people up to 18 years of age

 10% discount for holders of the Szczecin Tourist Card

 Familly tickets : 2+1, 1+2 -90 PLN additional child 30 PLN

Larger groups:

Groups of more than 15 people are asked to contact us prior to arrival. Visits are possible at any time. Offer for groups on the „Groups of 15 or more people” subpage. 


* Closed on public holidays only, always listed on the website.

* A surcharge may be required for visits on extraordinary or public holidays.

* For group travel: If the group is late by more than 30 minutes, the late fee is 120 PLN.

* If a deposit has been paid in advance, it will be lost if the visit is withdrawn.

* We reserve the right to make changes to the tour schedule.

* The information provided is not an offer within the meaning of the law.

* The temperature in the facility is approx. +14 degrees Celsius.

Further information can be found on the following sub-pages.